Sunday, November 11, 2012

Luxe Bazaar

With Paige and Erika

Missed a swimming session with my sister but gained two pairs of matching shoes with Paige and Eka plus a P1000 worth of gift certificate for butt-spelling Torch Resto & Bar at the Luxe Bazaar earlier today. Whatever force that made me do that in front of all those people, I am at a loss for words. I console myself for doing "one thing everyday that scares you" as what Baz Luhrmann suggested.

Still, I had a nice time taking a peek at how my business-minded friends do their thing which I thought was actually fun; you get to meet new people, you're surrounded by beautiful clothes/shoes/makeups, and you can get them for great deals! There goes my savings but in the end, I'm still happy with my purchases. One cannot simply save money when surrounded by material things. Haha! Minsan lang naman :) 



  1. You can always save by selling it again later hehe.