Sunday, November 04, 2012

What Weekends Should Be Like

Photo by Ruthee
Not to brag but every time I look at pictures of my weekends, I can't help but say to myself, I have such lovely friends! And these are just half of them. I can't wait for the time when all 14 of us would hang out together again. Imagine how we eat lunch during college before subgroups existed. Ahem. Hehe. Or how we all hang out after class until dark. I used to take shitload of photos then and looking back sure makes me nostalgic, in a good way.
awesome bunch
After watching this Vice Ganda movie (which I thought was funny enough), we stopped over at Mercato and finally drove to Pau's house for a sleepover. We talked about boys, music, life, future, and more boys...hihi! It's nice to let your hair down and be silly for a change. Work has kept me so rigid and stiff! Those bottles of Tanduay Ice helped lessen some inhibitions too. *winks* Over breakfast the following day, we talked some more! I don't think I can be as talkative as when I'm with the girls compared to when the boys are around though. More girl sleepovers please!!! =))
Mercato, late night grocery, brunch at Pau's, matching blues


  1. 1st photo of you: super pretty!

  2. Aw! Thanks to the editing skills of Ruthee!

  3. Ikaw yung pretty! Not the picture.