Saturday, November 03, 2012

Post-birthday dinner

Nearly complete!
Few bottles and a few more songs

It is likely that my idea of heaven is eating Indian food with my closest friends. Food + friends = heaven. My  post-birthday celebration with BF consisted of movie (The Mistress: which I liked only because Bea Alonso had such perfect skin) and dinner at New Bombay. Afterwards, karaoke at Centerstage! All my favorite things in one night! I don't think there can be anything more fulfilling than this.

I sort of believe the idea that people reach a certain age when we unconsciously distance ourselves to an extent where human connection with another person is no longer as deep as the ones you have with the people you met in your youth. Does it make sense? It is arguable. Maybe even deemed highly incorrect in the future. But I feel this way sometimes. Photos from Ruthee

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