Sunday, December 23, 2012

Benefit of the "Daw"

This is what I wore yesterday when I went out with my friends. The get-together almost didn't happen because some of them weren't available, some didn't even bother to reply, others simply didn't want to come. 

Inevitably, the initial plan (which involved bowling then dinner and getting all of us together) got crumpled and thrown into the air, plan B was laid out along the way with the five of us who was considerate enough to show up: drive to Marilao, order a pizza, get drinks, and come what fucking may. 

Life lesson from How I Met Your Mother: Some people are worth a bit of work to keep around. And true enough, those who do are priceless. Thank you, friends. When you genuinely love a person, you find it hard staying upset at them for too long. 

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