Monday, December 17, 2012


Huge ass Christmas tree at MOA photo by Mitch
SM MOA Eye I have yet to ride photo by Pat
It's this time of the year again where bright lights shine the city and festive decorations fill the streets. I'd like to say the weather is cooperating with this Christmas spirit but it still feels like summer here in this tropical side of the Earth. Since this month started, I've had holiday parties scheduled every weekends (saved for last Saturday) and we are down to 6 more sessions before my sister and I conclude our swimming lessons--very productive way to end this year and start the next one. I'm really trying my best to stay positive despite the horrid tragedies that have occurred for the past months on different parts of the world. I can hardly take the news being shown on TV nowadays. Nevertheless, since astronomers entirely dismissed the Mayan prophecies being that there will be no celestial bodies colliding the Earth anytime soon, let's all do as we should and keep moving forward.

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