Friday, December 14, 2012


Suddenly, I've become too busy. This work hard, play harder mental state is starting to take a toll on me. I haven't been taking pictures of my weekends too, heck, I've stopped bringing my cameras with me altogether. This obsession of documenting every single thing I do is slowly peeling off of me like dead skin after a sunburn. For what purpose does it serve? This saddens me a bit because photographs bring me a great deal of happiness. But being precisely in the moment sure does the trick: mornings spent in the water (I've been doing swimming lessons thanks to my sister), nights drunk in delightful company of friends, these little things have left indelible marks in my memory.

I always want to be on the move! I constantly hunger for adventure! Although the idea of doing absolutely nothing for a change sounds good too. This year is coming to its end in a few weeks. Why in such a hurry, 2012? I'll share some stories once my films are processed.

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