Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just like everybody else, I always look forward to the weekend. Whether I stay home accompanied by a book or go and hang out with friends, not a second of it is wasted. I love, love the weekends I would marry it if I can! 

Today, my sister and I took a time off from swimming to watch Life of Pi. This not only made us regret missing a lesson because 1.) We ate a lot and 2.) Pi was named after a swimming pool, but because 3.) it has now become a part of our weekends, our bodies yearn for the ache it gets from a good swim. Good thing there's always a Sunday to make up for it.
My pa-demure sister
Salad and a sinfully good lasagna + my hair as of date
I really enjoyed Life of Pi. The movie did justice to the book. It's always one thing reading the story and another seeing it come alive but this time, the film actually made me love the novel more than I already did. It's things like these that leave me awed and inspired by people and their imagination. 
today in pictures
1. Mitch introduced me to Starbucks iced Green Tea! 
2. What I wore today
3. I bought a swimming cap from G-Stop and fell in love with the shop. Their fitting rooms are designed to look like gym showers and their door has signs that say "PUSH your limits. PULL your weight". 
4. Finally, we watched an elderly man having a good time with the piano :)

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