Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Resident House Crasher

A huge shout out to my friends who have allowed me to stay the night, use their shower, and let me borrow their clothes; for when I look back at 2012, its a hazy series of working the graveyard shift and weekends spent sleeping over at someone else's house!

Just before December ended, the girls and I had our annual Holiday dinner (sans April) at Torch and went clubbing at 7th High. Cute boys alert. I'm not one for partying all the time but it sure is fun once in a while. This crazy side of me needs releasing too, every now and then. LOL All those shots and the flashy lights made me do few things I wasn't proud of that night. Still, I'll raise a tall glass for the memories. We made a good laugh out of it the morning after. 
The bamboo sticks match my top
Can't take more than 5 shots without wobbling

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