Monday, February 04, 2013

Cheat night

Guilt-free smoothies @ Pump Juice Bar
Mexican platter @ Agave Mexican Cantina
Pretty cupcakes @ Larcy's
I knew that eating out was detrimental to my diet. Ugh, I don't want to call it diet to be honest, but the term healthy living which I think is more appropriate would be too long. We did try to stay away from temptation but there was no vegetarian restaurants that open late on Sundays! (Wala ding Dunkin Donuts!!! Pfft!)

Anyway, I went to meet up with Paige and Erika to run some errands and catch up with life. I had a few realizations after that night which are best left explained in my journal, but I've become fully aware on how personalities can be so dynamic that you can be this person with a set of friends and a different one with another. Also, from what I read from my Facebook feed: We like people not so much for how we feel about them, but for how they make us feel about ourselves. 

There may be things I do not approve of with my friends but it doesn't mean that the friendship is shallow. We are all our own persons; our choices, from the littlest things to the big ones, are influenced by the people we meet and the experiences we encounter everyday. Sometimes I get sad about how I think some of my friends have changed or how I feel like I do not know them anymore. I only need to understand that we are all constantly changing. Heck, I've changed in more ways than one. 

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  1. I read this just now. As for the change in us... *points to your blog title* ;) See you soon!