Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hair Issues

Long and black

Short and blondish
I have kept the same hairstyle for over a year until now. The trip to Azta Urban Salon this afternoon was a much needed change I've mentally prepared myself for weeks! I had Katie Holme's short bob peg in mind and there's this promo at Going Straight salon for Brazilian blowout which includes hair color so my sister and I thought we'd give it a try. I feel great! But you wouldn't believe how nervous I was throughout the process or how many times I've had my hair washed and rinsed and washed again earlier today! Kaloka maging girl. 


  1. been wanting to do a total hair makeover but i was soooo afraid to cut my hair (even an inch!). huhu i guess weakness ko talaga makita hair kong ginugupit or tinitrim! >_< i think I should consult you for the 'do I should have before heading to the salon. :)

  2. Research the best hairstyle for your face muna. Then take the leap of faith! Make sure you are 100% committed to the change. Its now or never :)