Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lost in Ilocos Day 2: Paoay

We rode a bus back to Laoag at 6 AM. The journey took almost 2 hours from what I remembered.
We had breakfast here at Macy's, a diner below the Tiffany Hotel where we stayed on our 1st day.
A long jeepney ride took us to Paoay: came for this authentic Ilocos empanada. 
Watching the process of making this dish, from start to finish, is a such a delight; almost like magic. I only hope I liked its taste as much as I was entertained. 
Truly note-worthy constructions we saw around that day
I lost track of the exact time we got there but from what I remembered, Paoay felt to me like a place under a perpetual slumber. I haven't been anywhere near as peaceful as this part of town. Perhaps, I've never been anywhere far enough. Or maybe it's the weather and locals decided it was too hot to go outside. Most probably, it's that part of the day for siestas. I couldn't tell. One thing is clear, it's a quiet, comforting, little town. And the stillness of it all brought an immediate need to escape lest I disturb it. 
Our mode of transportation
Paoay Lake
Our driver became our instant tour guide. We paid him a total of 125 pesos to take us to this lake and to hear a local myth. Roads in this town stretched for what seemed like forever and Paige and I shared each ride in silence, keeping our hair from each other's faces. This lake, according to our friendly companion, was a town much like any other during a time. Until some tragic thing happened, which buried everything under water. Very "lost city of Atlantis" ang peg? Paige and I took turns in saying 'oohs' & 'aahs'; we maybe even managed to look impressed. 
Malacanang of the North
Behold, the late President Marcos' residence. Home of very spacious living rooms and chairs so old they prevent you from sitting on it. But I did. Hehehe! 
At one of the bedrooms in this mansion
There's a 30 pesos fee to get in. You could tour the entire house in less than an hour. It's mostly dark inside and only a few photos turned out from my lack of attention to camera settings. Most of the things you'll see there are old (and needs repair/salvation) yet you'll leave with the feeling of wanting to live in such splendor. At least I did. For a short while. 

Another long, wordless ride to Batac and we caught a bus going to Vigan. We slept mostly and woken up by the conductor announcing we have arrived. It was 2 PM according to my notes. Stories and photographs to follow. 

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