Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lost In Ilocos Day I: Laoag

Paige and I on a plane
Towards the end of August last year, Paige and I went for an Ilocos adventure. It was during this trip that I realized I like airports. Okay. I've only been on an airplane twice my whole life (this being the third) but the anticipation of exploring a new place, being up in the air, and escaping city life gives me this unexplainable high. We reached Laoag around 10 in the evening and we slept at this vintage-inspired hotel called Tiffany's which I really liked. Paige has a knack for scoring a place to stay on such short notice. 
@ Tiffany's Motel
We had an early wake-up call the next day to try sand boarding and we had a glimpse of the city via a red four-wheel truck. It was a lovely morning: fresh air, great weather, and a red 4 x 4 ride :) We had the whole place for our own when Paige and I reached the sand boarding site. I did not see any other people apart from us that morning! 

Sand boarding hits: tiring than I expected
Sand boarding is fun but VERY exhausting. You slide down the sand and climb up, with no stairs or any form of support whatsoever: literally a very breathtaking process. I like the 4x4 ride around the sand dunes better than the sand boarding to be honest. On our way back to the hotel, we wasted no time and packed our bags to Pagudpud, famous for being "the Boracay of the North". I have yet to go Boracay but I beg to differ to the comparison. 


  1. waaah super inggit sa travel post T__T so beautiful!

  2. May you find yourself in your own adventure too soon, Dave ;) thank you!