Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pagudpud, Kabigan Falls, Saud Beach

The sign said it
One of the highlights during our visit to Pagudpud was trip to the Kabigan Falls. I've done trekking back in 2010 with my siblings but didn't get to experience the falls at that time. My sister and I stayed by the stones surrounding it and we merely watched our brother swim through the icy pool of fresh water. This time, Paige and I had the entire little paradise to ourselves.  Doning our bikinis, we took a dip that relieved all the pain we took from all the walking we did that morning. I could've stayed there all day if only we didn't have other places to go to...

Our mighty tour guide
Our tour guide was an elderly woman who got knees stronger that Paige and I combined. She seemed to be twice our age but where we wobbled crossing riverbanks, she did all with grace. Despite that, she complemented how fast we walked compared to the other tourists she previously had the chance to meet. We had lunch and around 4 pm, Paige and I went to the beach. 
Planning our visit to Vigan the next day via flyers
Missing the sunshine and solitude of this beach
We took funny pictures that day
We spent about 3 hours lying on the sands of Saud beach just letting the waves carry us back and forth to the shore. Fishermen were mending their boats on the far end of the coast; local kids and a few dogs frolic on the other. I played with them for a bit, burying this little boy in the sand all the while laughing, until Paige and I eventually retired to our "house" when the sunset took forever to appear.

The thing I'll always love about this place is it's quietness. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get away for a while. I will always be grateful for living in the Philippines for we have such great beaches far and near alike. Where there is a body of water this pristine, I'm coming. 

Around 6 pm I got out from the shower and I was combing my hair from our doorstep when that I witnessed the golden hour. I thought, standing there, what a shame I marveled at the Pagudpud sunset in between coconut trees. I battled between keeping myself dry and going after the view despite the drizzle. I decided to stay indoors. We slept for 11 hours. 

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