Monday, April 15, 2013

Batangas Hits

Before the sun took safety behind the mountains

On beach trips or weekends spent out-of-town, I bring my film camera out with me. Sadly, this does not happen as often as I want to anymore. Being almost two pounds heavy, I soon found Shadow (my Nikon F60), an added weight I didn't want to be bothered with except when I'm going someplace I've never been to.

Most fun bingo session I played to date

I decided I'd bring my films only for certain occasions and save the shots for better views. But then, I'm usually beside myself with happiness during get-togethers (like this one I did with my workmates in Laiya, Batangas) that by the end of the day, I'd realized how I was only able to take so few photographs!

No trip to the beach is complete with out a bbq
I never say no to karaoke

Games, fruit shakes, and hard drinks happened during the day. We cooked our own dinner and ate it at this looong table with everyone. By nightfall, we made a dance floor outside our rented house with flashlights against colored Tupperwares being turned on and off and wagged in all directions to mimic the club-like feel. It was so hilarious, I swear we were all reduced to tears and our stomachs were clenched to a fitful of laughter that I may have worked mine out to a note-worthy abs. (Not really)

The morning after

We wanted to swim the next day but the low-tide prevented us from doing so. It was still beautiful though. We took pictures by the sea using my colleague's camera. Loads of photos of us in jump shots, or standing against the clear blue sky, frolicking through the waters. They were deleted by accident a couple of days later. Haha! So much for all the poses we did.

Superb time with these guys! Photo by Pip 

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