Monday, April 08, 2013

Lost In Ilocos Part 3: Vigan

My first time to ride a kalesa
Vintage-looking doors in kalye Crisologo
Wooden and woven things
Yeah, I might have a thing for doors
Continuing our 2nd day in Ilocos, we rode a kalesa after we have settled our belongings and our exhausted selves in Vigan Hotel. It was a lovely way to tour the city but the ride can get a bit tricky: the rate is 95php an hour but if you have not timed it well, you will be charged more than what was initially agreed upon. Nevertheless, we forced ourselves not to let other people's greed ruin the vacation and genuinely appreciate every second for all its worth. 

After dinner we retired to our room for an early night and I remember Paige and I talk about our travels in the future. Together, we would travel the country one beach at a time. 

It seems unlikely I'd get to step on a different continent any moment now but I didn't foresee that I'd sit at the back of a tricycle in a town I've never been before, or wait for a bus in a scorching heat to a city I've only seen in magazines, or spend my earliest salaries to hop on a plane to another country whose language I don't speak nor have I seen myself to be on a boat to what seemed like a travel to an endless sea; yet all of these have happened last year. The future looks bright on this department. 

I remember sleeping that night with the echoes of horse steps against stones mingling with soft whispers of rain. And I dreamnt of kalye Crisologo and how it looks exceptionally beautiful during night time.

The next day, we took an ordinary bus back to Laoag and spent the remaining time touring the city and dining at Saramsam. We waited for our flight back to Manila at Johnny Moon where I wrote these notes. Returned home at 10pm: tired but happy for another safe adventure with Paige. 

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