Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Well-deserved Indulgence

One of the many things we did on our first day was to visit the local market to purchase fruits and vegetables. Yes, clean eating even on vacation! I lived off the resort's complimentary breakfast which we ate for lunch and snacked on our favorite PBB Sandwich (Peanut butter-Bananas-Wheat Bread winner combo!) or apples. On our second night, Paige and I scored a free dinner buffet at Astorias and of course, we made sure we ate right. 

On the eve of our departure, however, we all agreed to eat out and indulge. I've been wanting to try the red velvet pancakes from Pancake House since it came out. Funny how I had to come to Boracay and taste it there when I could just have it anytime here in Manila! True enough, it was wonderful. 

Another wonderful thing we tried at D'Mall was Halowich. They serve this super delicious halo-halo with a twist: it comes in different flavors like coffee, lemon, orange, strawberry, etc. We ordered Green Tea and Milk. It's definitely one of the things you should try when in Boracay. 

We had an early dinner at Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant. I really loved the interiors of the place. The food was okay. Nothing really fancy or memorable about the taste. The serving was unreasonable, in my opinion. 

Paige and I had about some time to kill before heading to White House so we swam and got to try paddle boarding for free, courtesy of a nice guy. From that short experience, I can already tell how it can be a great exercise for your arms and core. I took a mental note of how lean this local guy's body was and how easy it was for him to paddle his way through the water on his board. I really like men who do sports! Hahaha! 

A long night of jumping and fist pumping ensued. Some celebrity (?) killed my vibe on the earlier part of the night but it only takes good music to make it better. 

Girls crowded the main stage and I went in front of it to watch them. I danced and yelled "Yeah!!!" to this one girl and she said something like "Want to come up here?" which I did (with her help). I love the feeling of being above the crowd whenever we're in White House. This DJ was doing his thing behind us. More dancing, beer showers, conversations by the beach, and Jonah's milkshake happened afterwards. Since my extrovert side doesn't last long after midnight, Paige and I walked back to our resort under the rain, took turns taking hot baths, and slept. I dreamnt of the sunset. 

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  1. Halu!

    Nice seeing you too! :) hahaha. You sound like you had a great weekend... er a lot of weekends ago. Hope you keep having more of em. Yey! :D