Friday, May 10, 2013

Doses of Blue

I've was never always a fan of the sea. Or any large body of water for that matter. But I am slowly easing my way into it, its fingers seeping through the small corners of my heart. Perhaps, I have associated good memories with the beaches I've been, along with the people I've been with. To be in the water gives me this peacefulness I haven't bothered finding elsewhere, for now. 

We went island hopping on our second day in Boracay. Together with Erika's former blockmates in college, we road a boat to Puka and Crocodile Beach. Although the boat ride took longer than the actual visits, it was alright. Everywhere I look, I saw beauty and Erika and I had our fill of the sun. I felt amazingly alive sitting at the tip of the boat; different shades of blue beyond me, white birds flying low on the horizon. I let all my worries go with the wind. 

I tried snorkeling for the first time, too. I was beside myself with happiness! I might really consider deep sea diving in my bucket list because just thinking of the marvelous things hidden in the ocean excites me in ways you couldn't think possible. I saw this episode once in Passage to Malaysia about a guy who shoots underwater videos and you cannot imagine my awe. Some people are just fortunate enough to do what they love for a living. 

To cap off the day's water activities, we rode the Flying Fish. I was scared shitless! I hung to the handle for my dear life! It was exhilarating, nonetheless. But never again, for me. Not anytime soon! My friends would be a living testament on how crazy scared I was the entire time. No photo! Suffice to say, the picture above is close to illustrating how I felt afterwards. 

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