Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gone Boating

Sailed away on a weekend boat escapade for our third day in Boracay. From what I learned, it's what they call a Booty Boat. Met new friends, had unlimited drinks, jumped to the music, swam to the ocean, and danced until sunset. Photos from Erika

I wished we weren't restricted by our life vests when we plunged into the water. But it was hard (not to mention exhausting) to swim without it. The boys were brave enough to dive and do somersaults. So much fun to watch. Even the ship's crew partied all the way with us. 

The fun didn't stopped when they dropped us to White House for another round of wet and wild night. Champagne showers, strangers kissing, one good music after another. I have never partied that long in one day. At the end of the night, my legs were swollen! Photos from Arvin

No words can describe everything that happened better than Adrian Lux's song entitled Leave The World Behind. Hehe! Give it a listen. It's what I hear when I remember this and I guess, we collectively feel the same:
Just surrender yourself to the rhythm,
With your Hands up in the sky,
Feel the energy deep inside your system
And leave this world behind,
Leave the world behind you…

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