Thursday, May 09, 2013

Summer Is Upon Us

I can't remember the last time I have been away from blogging for this long. Well, life happened and what better way than to start afresh with stories from my first trip to Boracay. 

I spent the Labor Day weekend with my friends Paige and Erika whom I am most grateful for. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the fact that they did most of the planning and the booking. 

We had an early flight on Wednesday, May 1st, which we almost missed. Got off at the wrong terminal, cut through lines, and had annoyed passengers calling out from our trails. It's true that adventure begins not from the destination but at the process of getting there. Lesson learned: always be early! I'd rather wait for hours in the airport than to have my poor heart suffer from the same stress.  

Being up in the air at 4 am was the closest I got to heaven. Sunrise at my fingertips
We landed on Kalibo after an hour or so. We paid Southwest for our transfer (good choice) and hopped on a bus that drove us to a port. From there, we took a short boat ride and we reached Boracay around 10-ish. With few other tourists, we rode a jeep which dropped us off to our respective resorts. Ours was at Club Ten (another good choice). After our breakfast at Cafe del Sol and a few purchases from the local market, we headed back just in time to check in. I'm pretty sure it was 12 nn. I have lost any sense of time and/or direction the moment I had my brain switched to vacation-mode. 

Paige and I might have dozed off for I vaguely recall being awoken by Erika telling us to get dressed. We strolled the beach to get to White House. Witnessed the first of the many beautiful sunsets during our stay there. It was a very wet and wild night full of beautiful people, music, and alcohol. It only took one evening for us to get use to walking everywhere clad in our bikinis. 

I am already missing the island as I write. More of our escapades when I return. Took an awful lot of pictures during the entire trip and I find myself smiling whenever I look at them. 


  1. wow! makes me wanna go, too! although bora is not in my list, i'd be definitely adding it up! i thought it's overrated but I guess yung ibang beaches lang dun. what beach exactly did you go? I heard Puka beach is niiiice. hehe. Hmm, maybe next time, it's better to be 2 hrs earlier sa exact flight. haha.

  2. Boracay is the place to be seen! We went to Puka and Crocodile beach nung nag-Island hopping kami. We mostly stayed sa Station 1 where most of the parties happen. Station 3 is probably the steadiest of all 3. There is more to the island than I thought. We should go there! :D