Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Brief Look

The Script 2013 World Tour 
Before I managed to bid summer a proper goodbye, the rain has washed down the entire city of Manila. It has been a pain to everyone, especially those who uses the public transportation on a daily basis. The weather has cooled down, fortunately. But it's making it harder and harder to leave the warmth of our beds each day. Or night, in my case. 

A night of one too many temptation
But we're now halfway through the year! And it's just so typical of me to keep memories of what happened, so here are a few snapshots of my favorite moments since I have had my hair cut. I went to The Script concert with Ruth in March! I sometimes surprise myself for not having a major depression considering the countless bands who came here that I didn't get to see over the years. The Script, on the other hand, I didn't dare miss! They did great and were surprisingly funny. Oh Danny, how he amuses me!

Summer 2013
I've been spending more weekends with my long-time friends Paige and Erika too. During one of our nights out, I've come to realize how it is possible to have fun (and the courage to dance haha) even without the help of alcohol. It's unfathomable how I used to drink during college when I've never liked it anyway. People in Boracay gave me a face when I refuse a drink; I say, you don't always need a lot of alcohol to get crazy. Just enough to enjoy. Having fun is a state of mind, just like any other emotions. 

Mayday Parade and some Madeca cheats
I got to see Mayday Parade and Yellowcab, and other bands last month when I went with Erika to Circuit Fest (courtesy of our awesome friends from Ayala Land). I'm really glad that the music scene is evolving to festivals such as this one. The future of musical events looks promising! 

No drizzle can stop us 
Gatherings like this always makes me even more passionate towards music. Coachella would be my idea of nirvana, to be honest. There's just something about open spaces and youth dressed up for the occasion that is attractive to me. Actually, any place where there is music and people, young and alive! 

Wildflour x Moonleaf
One night, I went to see Jem and Glad before coming to the office. It was short yet very meaningful. Nothing energizes me like being with my friends. I mean really! Life is better now, in terms of work but there's no denying that there's not much life there. I rarely get to see them due to many reasons, but it makes it more special by the time we get to. 

Random images from this week
Being kind of obsessed over keeping each moment count, I take pictures of my day or I write about it. Anything to document how it went. Sadly, I don't get to do this as often as I used to now. I barely have enough sleep as it is. I haven't finished reading A Clash of Kings to top it all off and this month is already ending! Where have all my free time gone? Right, too much TED talks and Grey's Anatomy marathon. I LOVE introvert weekends! 

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