Monday, June 03, 2013

Circuit Fest

Erika sent me a text message one Friday night. I was at work then, with no plans for the weekend and determined to stay home and rest. She had one VIP ticket to Circuit Fest, she said. And asked if I wanted to come. I Googled the event and after finding out Mayday Parade was playing, I immediately said yes. There goes my plans on resting. After all, we can sleep all we want when we're dead. 

I seem to always find myself in some sort of adventure whenever there's a ticket involved—bus, airfare, movie, or concert. This particular night, however, was one for the books. Erika’s car got towed while we were enjoying our pancakes in the middle of the night somewhere at 31st St. After several swearing and a couple of calls made, we got help from a friend. We drove to this place full of abandoned buses and was instructed to go into the main office which looked nothing like one. More like a deserted house fit for hostages. I was getting very worried yet thrilled at this point. In my head, it was turning out to be something I'd see in one of Dexter's episodes. 

We were able to get out of it eventually. Lesson learned: use the fudging parking lots for Pete's sake. Oh man, those were interesting times. 

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