Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sure as sunrise

Blas Hall. Nikon F60. Taken 3 years ago
I've grown to love working night-shift. There's something about dusk and sunsets that puts people into a somber mood. Work doesn't feel like work anymore, for me at least.

I like coming out of the office before daylight arrives. And catch a glimpse of the sun right behind the buildings along Makati Avenue. 

I like the thought of people hurrying to somewhere while I take my time getting to my bed. I walk home everyday now in our village when the road is clear and people are still asleep. I get as much vitamin D as I need and it has done me a lot of good lately.

I had a list of goals for each of the month when this year started. I've achieved all of them so far. I'm beginning to believe that this wasn't a mere stroke of luck, but anything you whisper to the universe happens as you wish. In time.

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