Saturday, July 13, 2013

Resting In Transit

In travelling, nothing goes as planned. Sometimes, it can be the best thing that can happen
We barely had any decent sleep.
We rested in airports and trains, always on the move. 
We went on until we couldn't. 

On the night we crossed the borders of Malaysia, we trusted a Singaporean to drive us to the immigration. His car was as old as he is. It was a long and silent drive; we battled with exhaustion and felt too tired to worry whether or not this man was really taking us there. He did, fortunately. He might have pissed off a lot of other drivers in the process.
In our natural state: Instax by Isa
A night train took us to KL Sentral. The instant our heads hit the bed, we drifted off to sleep. I woke up from time to time to the sound of engines hissing, carriages shunting, or a baby crying. When I looked out to the window, I see an unknown city fading behind me into the dark. It was more or less 5 hours of travel before someone announced, in a thick Malaysian accent, that we have arrived. 
Another train ride to Putrajaya Photo by Cristta
After finally getting a chance to shower and change clothes, we felt reborn. Really, I felt like I could conquer the day after that cold bath! We went to Putrajaya, deemed as World's First Intelligent Garden City, which is located about 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur. It's basically a city that houses all government officials in one place. Imagine the entire seat of government in one location; they live there, work there, their kids go to school there. A half-day tour cost only 1 RM (approx. 13.65 PHP)!
Kopi and lunch
I found our tour guide very amusing. Even at his age, he's consumed by wanderlust that could rival ours. Within minutes of meeting, he has managed to tell us about the places he had been to and the countries he plans to visit. I salute you, Uncle! He kept referring picture-taking to photoshop which I thought was funny (i.e. "I will give you 5 minutes for your photoshop, then we go to get something to fill your stomach.")!
Uncle Tour Guide Photo by Cristta
He promised good food and we ate them, quite happily so. More than that, I'm amazed at the architecture in this city. Anyone would be in awe to see how much detail was put into it. Each building was unique, yet collectively, it look cohesive. Even the lamp posts were so intricately designed!
A group picture of us being tourists at one of the bridges in the city
For anyone who happen to visit Kuala Lumpur, I recommend taking a time to tour Putrajaya. After all, it didn't cost us that much for such a great experience. We went to Batu Caves afterwards. 


  1. love your blog! keep up the great work!<3 xx Peach

  2. Thank you Peach! I feel like I enjoy writing more if I have my film photos posted in every entry. But I haven't processed them yet!

  3. ^ this is one of my favorite posts here. hehe. nice travel post is nice indeed. :D