Friday, August 02, 2013


Tuesday nights should look like this more often
There were two guys standing in front of us. The shorter guy in all black kept glancing on my direction. He was holding a half-empty beer. A few moments later, he turned to ask me, "Are you from Manila?" in which I replied with a nod and I could tell by his accent that he wasn't. He went on saying he's from Malaysia and he and his best friend flew all the way here just to see the band.

We started conversing. From our favorite XX track to bands like Alt-J (who he has seen live during the Laneway Festival) and Phoenix which started playing on the background. He even knew that front man Thomas Mars is married to Sofia Coppola and we expressed our devotion to her movies in turns. I'm starting to like this guy, I thought. Why I am easily attracted to people with the same music/movie preferences, I don't know. I'm just easily attracted to certain people these days. But I stay away the moment they start hinting.

Anyway, he gave me his number during one of the opening acts. He said to contact him if I happen to find myself in his city again. It was beginning to get really crowded at this point. After Up Dharma Down's short performance, it took almost an hour before XX took the stage. I was really getting irritated by the long wait and starting to feel claustrophobic. Rosi and I squeezed through the ocean of people and sat at the far end. After a while, loud cheers filled the tent and it began.
Of course, from where we were standing, we couldn't see past the heads and arms raised with their smartphones to the stage. I spotted empty chairs on the corner of the VIP section and we stood there just in time to see Romy, Oliver, and Jaime emerge from the dark. From my vantage point, the entire place was visible.

I'm usually put into a trance when I listen to the XX but they sounded surprisingly upbeat this time. They played songs from both albums and were impressive at it. Sunset is one of my most adored tracks from Coexist. It's a perfect song to an ex-lover. Hehe! They did an excellent job. I could hardly tell the difference between their live performance and the one on the record. And Oliver kept doing this slow-motion wave with his body like he was caressing his bass. It was sexy.

They played Intro and Angels for encore and the crowd went wild. I still had their songs stuck in my head even after the concert ended and I mindlessly sing them long after Rosi and I parted ways. It was a great night.

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