Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Bitter Pill

I'm grateful for the things that has happened to me during the last few months. I wish I could say the same for what is happening in different parts of the world. There are things I wish I could just ignore but couldn't even if I wanted to. Events which made anything I say, think, or do now seem trivial. 

I'm trying to not get affected by all these deaths and injustices, lest I drive myself crazy. But lately, I feel like I no longer dwell on these important matters in a much deeper level than I ought to, only to end up over-thinking again. Distraction seemed like the fastest route to relief. Meditation only brings me to sleep. Hence, I live life in the best way possible. But the guilt lurks somewhere within me. 

I went to accompany my friend Sugar one fine Saturday at Noriter. Her stories were a welcomed diversion.

The place is perfect for tea and conversations, and I loved every corner of this cafe. You should definitely visit this should you find yourself along Taft, dear reader. This lovely Korean coffee shop is located above Tapa King, across DLSU.
This place is open for 24 hours now. I'm sure a lot of college students would be thrilled to know this.

We spent the whole afternoon here talking and designing cups which ended up getting displayed at one corner. She lent me her copy of First Impressions which I'm currently reading along with two other books (I'm the worst at multi-tasking). I was exhausted from doing laps that morning straight from work, and on my way home, the bed couldn't look more inviting. 

Stay thrilled. Strive to be positive even if it gets exhausting. 'Terrible times breed terrible things', says George R.R. Martin in his novel I'm about to finish reading. But optimism makes all the difference.  

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