Saturday, October 05, 2013

I like birthdays

Almost a month has gone by since I turned a year older. I often catch myself staring at the ceiling these days, thinking about weeknights spent in the office and weekends on friends, letting everything wash over me, deciding whether or not I am living it right until I fall asleep. 

I haven't written anything, anywhere in a while which saddens me a bit. But I know I only had to make time for these simple things to happen. And time, well...we never seem to have enough of it. 
Leaving our marks on not-so-hidden spaces
I met up with Paola and Jem right after I went to the museum on my birthday. It's always a pleasure to be around like-minded people. Our conversation lasted well until evening, between burgers and mocktails, and around present situations and future plans. 
Introduction to the awesomeness that is Angus beef
At one point, I was concerned for not gravitating towards the same path most of my closest friends are taking. A handful of them are heading back to school in one way or another, few are already there. And while they're busy preparing for board exams and building their career for the future, here I am planning on which place/country/concert I should go to next. 
Short but sweet dinner with Eka and Paige a week later
I started questioning my choices based on this observation. Not too long, I chanced upon this quote: "People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road does not mean they have gotten lost." and neither do I. Perhaps, I still follow my heart at the end of the day. No matter how rational I like to think myself to be. And it's about damn well time I learn to stop comparing my decisions on others.
Lovely interiors at Designer Blooms Cafe
In the meantime, I try to enjoy my age as much as I can. Working smartly and staying healthy. A few ch-cha-changes to look forward to (?) at work and in life in general. I just finished reading First Impressions and while I'm determined to enhance my social skills, I've become more aware at how most people are bad at it. It's frustrating, I tell you! 

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  1. You're done with the book na ba? :) Don't worry, although we have different paths to take, I think, I'm still tryin to squeeze in the concerts/places I wanna go to. My sched's not permitting to do so lang but I'm always daydreaming about it. I can so much relate with this post. One way or another, we are in the same stage. :) I think, all of us. Hayayay. Made me miss college more wherein spontaneous gimiks can take us to places. :D

    PS: speaking of busy sched that I am in, I took your advice last time for real: I resigned from my part time work. Made me feel a whole lotta better. Talk to you soon! :)