Friday, January 31, 2014

Tough Waves & Long Boat Rides

Waking up really early on a Thursday morning isn't such a bad thing with a view like this. Clear skies above our heads and sand beneath our feet, nothing compares to summers here in the Philippines. 

It took a long and wavy ride to get here. But the sight was so worth it! We were greeted by excited local fishermen by the time we reached the shore. We took pictures, we drank coconut juice straight from its shell, we ran through the long stretch of the this virgin island. The try to make us eat oysters, sell us some pearls, and joined in some of our photos! Haha! 

I wonder if this paradise eventually loses its magnificent beauty to the eyes of the locals. For someone who spends most of her waking days encircled by tall buildings, this was a welcoming relief. 

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