Friday, January 10, 2014

January: Walking On Eggshells

I sometimes don't know what to write here anymore. I used to be so oblivious to the content of my writing, but now as an adult, I take caution to the point of not doing anything at all. Same applies to other aspects of my life, apparently. It goes without saying that I'm far too rooted into my safe zone; frozen to stillness, refusing to budge an inch.

Sure, I've been making some changes. I'm finally seeing the importance of making goals, focusing more on being consistent with the process, etc. I'm reading way too many articles on such matters, blame it on the links flooding my Facebook feed.

Another thing I've been reading is this experiment called 40 Days of Dating. Ha! While I have been hesitant to get involved with anyone for a few years now, no one has tried to enter my life either. But this viral internet project kind of softened me up to idea again. Going through the experiences of these two creative and smart people made me giddy about the thought of it. Perhaps there's so much about the girl that I relate to, esp. in terms of how she deals with her relationships.

Sadly, I have sorted out my priorities this year into 3 things, and dating is not included. I couldn't let my focus waver this early on now would I? Needless to say, I still enjoy romance, chick flicks still make me giddy, and if I ever meet someone like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I might as well get my focus right. Haha!

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