Thursday, January 30, 2014

Destination Unknown

January 15: We arrived in Bohol were very tired and hungry. The tricycle driver, who was just supposed to drive us from the pier to Panglao, managed to do the following: 

- help us get a room
- drive us to Bohol Bee Farm that same night
- give us the people to contact to for our sea tour the next day

I've had prior experiences with trusting strangers in a new city, yet it still surprises me how things unfold in your favor when you let them help you. 

But we didn't give in too easily. It took what seemed like more than an hour of a tricycle ride to the Bee Farm for us to reach an agreement--an hour of one extremely unpleasant trip to this 'must-try' restaurant. 

As it turned out, it was the only mode of transport next to a private vehicle (which you either rent or own). I remember the roads being so rough it took so much time to get from one place to another; it didn't help that the tricycle was not ergonomically built for long rides. At one point, it started to drizzle. It felt like we were coins being continuously tossed inside a tin can. 

But just like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we arrived at the Farm and ate what I could only describe as heavenly. So when you're in Bohol, please treat yourself to a nice meal here. Try their Malunggay ice cream, eat the flowers on your salad, and taste their different kinds of honey.

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