Friday, February 07, 2014

This year is off to a winning start

The day I got back from Cebu, I went to see Phoenix play live in Manila. To say that this is a dream come true is an understatement; I absolutely adore this band that I didn't think twice on going even if it means going alone. Apart from the bad idea of putting chairs on the VIP area only to have them removed when people started standing anyway, it was a great show. Everybody danced, sang, and held Thomas Mars up and back to the stage when he crowd surfed during mid show. They had a steady start, slowly warmed up in the middle, and delivered until the end. And I bet no one in that room would forget how Thomas got off from the stage, fans trailing on his footsteps, bouncers keeping them from him, until he stood on the bars to sing to the people at Gen Ad area. What an amazing guy.

But personally, the acoustic version of Countdown did it for me: Christian Mazzalai amazing as per usual with his guitar while Thomas Mars singing ever so softly. I'm pretty sure every female fan in the audience swooned over that performance. I had my phone up in the air at one point and recorded an audio segment of the song, with my eyes closed. Haha! What a wonderful night. 

L-R: Me, Nina, Krizia, and Kimi (photo from Nina)

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