Sunday, March 16, 2014

March: Nights left open to chance

My friends seriously ace in spontaneity and I revel in it. I live off positive nights, dipped in reckless dancing and drizzled with new acquaintances. Tonight almost didn't happen to me if it wasn't for Meme who took the initiative to get us free tickets to this Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show. Which turned out to be the highlight of my weekend! For someone who knows only a few of their songs prior to this event, I left the arena with a new found respect to this duo. Such a great stage presence! I felt Mack's passion on every song and my heart went out for him when he shared some of his experiences and how he got to this point. They seemed to be genuinely cool people who truly deserves the attention they earned now. 

The night could have lasted longer if it wasn't Sunday and we had work the next day. I really had fun meeting Jem's colleagues and Meme's friends too, who were kind enough to drive me home. Although, I didn't have a proper rest the entire weekend--Saturday was spent on my workmate's place where we had a few drinks and way too many karaoke songs (another worth telling story altogether)--nothing beats the fun out of late nights and early mornings with the best. 

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