Saturday, February 01, 2014

Sea and City Tour

My friends and I toured the city on our remaining hours in Bohol. I know it's better to know an unfamiliar place by looking at it through the eyes of the locals, but tourist spots are there for a reason--these venues are highly entertaining in their own rights. 

Erika, who did a great job coming up with our itinerary, did an intensive research on which places to go. My favorites were the X Zootic Animal Farm (a glimpse of it in the first photo) and the Butterfly Garden, mainly because our tour guide taught us interesting things about the butterflies and threw in witty jokes while at it. 

Honestly, I couldn't remember details of what he said but I can't forget how he made such a short tour so informative and amusing. I have proven the great importance of enjoying the little things and respecting the locals more and more every time I travel. 

I'm listening to Empire of the Sun's Half Mast as I write and words slowly escape me. Trips like these always inspire me to work even better so I can book more flights and go farther places and see more things. We caught our boat ride very early the next day just in time for Cebu and the rest was a long stretch of a weekend unlike any other. True enough, when I don't have a photo of it only means I enjoyed myself too much to even bother haha! I have very few tangible memory of the craziness that was Lifedance & Sinulog but it's an experience I am grateful to have in my head for as long as I can remember. 

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