Friday, May 30, 2014

Baguio Weekend & All Things I Cherish

I should probably start this post by saying that I love going to museums and art galleries.

It just feels therapeutic. Those big spaces, long hallways, neatly arranged things.  

So when the plan to go to Baguio finally pushed through, a visit to the BenCab Museum was on top of my priorities. I am lucky to have friends who are into it as much as I am. 

I was also told to add Mt. Cloub Bookshop to our itinerary and seeing how bookstores have a big space in my heart, I much obliged. 

Apart from a few people who happened to be visiting at the time we went, the place was empty and quiet, much to our advantage. 

I may have enjoyed myself too much doing some tourist-y things in Burnham Park too. 

We went to Tam-Awan Village on the spur of the moment; withstanding the downpour that made the short trip a bit exhausting. But nothing feels more rewarding than being surrounded by art with a cup of coffee and listening to the sound of rain, right? Yes. 

Baguio has lots of noteworthy places to eat. 50's Diner not included. The food there is just too crappy for my taste. 

There are far better restaurants like Cafe By The Ruins, Pizza Volante, and Ketchup Community. A little research can go a long way! 

Returning to Manila after such a relaxing weekend here felt like a dreaded Monday. This was my first time in Baguio but it somehow felt like home. I felt at home with my companions. 

Memories I brought back with me from this city: the consistently cool weather, the inclined roadways, the houses that were built to look like boxes put on top of each other; the inexpensive lifestyle, the excuse to wear scarves on a daily basis, and the view from our window every night, when it seemed to have transformed into a galaxy before our eyes. 

"Sparkling lights. Starless night." by Uyen

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