Monday, August 25, 2014

Baguio Weekend Round 2 & Pre-birthday Jitters

Hello again from Baguio, where the weather is nice all-year round! This city is close to my heart and I spent another weekend here with my colleagues. We did mostly touristy things like take photos at the famous parks, eat at the well-known restaurants, and have drinks and barbecue on the house we rented--exchanging horror stories well into the night. It was amazing. 

I went here for the first time in May this year. It may be just a few months ago, but as I often say, there's always a reason to go back. No wonder many people drive all the way here during holidays or whenever they feel like it. I heard that Sagada--which is just a few hours of drive away--is another great place to visit. I haven't had the chance to do so yet, but it's something to look forward to next year. I must experience the Sagada adventure for myself soon! 

I'm turning 24 in a matter of days and it's quite overwhelming thinking about it. I can't help but compare myself to people my age again. This constant urge to compare must stop! I may have my 5 main life goals to keep me grounded but I still get days when I question them once in a while too. Especially when there's so many other alternatives (yet not nearly enough opportunities) out there. So many choices leave you with so many things to think about. 

But for me, in all honesty, life experiences and anything related to creativity still outweighs career plans and mundane affairs. I have to work on focusing on what I do more and less on the comparisons. No harm on only taking inspirations on people I admire. But it's another thing entirely when you think that their choices are the standard you have to live by. 

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