Saturday, September 27, 2014

September: Birthday Month!

I've been getting this need to acquire new things lately - new clothes, new music, new habits. I've come to realize that I only needed to be reintroduced to my old ones; those I've abandoned without really intending to. Old favorites you've somehow forgotten feels like new again once they've resurfaced from their hiding place, doesn't it? Sometimes, we don't need new materials when we can go back to few undying ones - music that doesn't get old, clothes that can withstand trends/seasons, people that are constants.

I was feeling exceptionally peaceful and contented last night after a yoga session and a cold bath. I ate two toasts with cheese and peanut butter (separately, of course) and spent a good deal of time enjoying every bite in the calm and quietness only 3AM brings. It felt almost zen-like being satisfied at that time.

The next morning, I woke up feeling energized from a good sleep and mom's breakfast tasted extra special. Everything seems to have come in some sort of alignment - all because my period finally came. Haha! I have somehow forgotten how bad my previous week felt like but I know it did! It's impossible to worry about anything when you've entered this kind of positive (although fleeting and often times hidden) feeling. I will let myself enjoy this for a while. 

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