Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Is My Favorite Time of the Year: A Recap

I turned 24! This year has proved to be exceptionally eventful and I'm grateful for the new experiences! I thoroughly enjoyed spending my birthday weekend with my closest friends doing the things I love: being in nature, immersing my senses with art, conversations and coffee. 

Did something new (and incredibly therapeutic) on my birthday with Sugar and Ruth: painting at Sip & Gogh. Enjoyed a peaceful Saturday morning with Grace eating sandwiches at the park. Later that night, we saw this film about love and loss entitled Sana Dati at this lovely Roman-inspired mini theater. Finally celebrated Sunday with my family eating pizza at home. Ending it all in a sweet note by eating cakes with Erika and Paige. I'm so pleased at how we are all heading towards the direction we all aim to. 

I watched this old documentary about my favorite author Haruki Murakami and I especially love what his translator, Jay Rubin said at one point of the film: 
"Life is what you make it. There's nothing exterior, there's nothing outside the brain. It's all inside. All of reality's in our synapses. The best thing you can do is to keep learning about the earth and whatever meaning it has is the meaning you assign to it."

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