Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May: Wanderland 2014

Sitting quite comfortably at the summit of Things That Excite Me is attending live performances. 

Wanderland is one of the biggest music and arts festivals here in the country that started in 2013 by the brilliant young minds behind Karpos Multimedia. I absolutely enjoyed the line-up this year! 

I'm into eating well and staying healthy but if there's anything I'll bend my rules for, it's pizza. This slice from Nolita is bigger than my face!

Some bands took forever arranging their sound system on stage. At one point, I thought to myself, I went to this music festival and all I got are these tan lines! 

The entire day felt like a test of endurance and patience. Under the intense heat of the sun! 

Fast forward to The Royal Concept: who had the longest delay in setting up ever recorded that day.

But they made up for it by coming in with a dramatic entrance and then they showered us with love. 

Vocalist, David Larson charmed the crowd with his honeyed words about how they almost didn't make it to their flight but fought their way for it. All for the sake of being able to perform for us. Okayy, you guys are forgiven. 

Solid performance in my opinion! 

By now I would have passed out on the grass with exhaustion; but the last act of the night turned out to be the highlight of the entire day! No kidding. 

The Drums: taking dancing to your own music to an entirely different level.

They were so good live. I could have danced as awkwardly as Jonny if I had enough strength! He was just so unique and carried himself so comfortably that you can't help but want to bask in the rarity of his nonchalance. 

But oh, he would smile to the crowd when told to take his jacket off and shyly turn around as if saying 'what nonsense'.  So darn adorable!

Listening to your favorite bands after you've seen them live makes it somehow even more special. This is probably why I still love going to shows despite being in overcrowded places. And the main reason why I would gladly spend money for this kind of experience over material things any given day. 

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