Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Afternoon at Cafféra

Two Sundays since the beginning of the year, two weeks worth of pages from my Daykeeper planner already filled out, and here are my thoughts on this project so far: 
  • documenting daily makes me mindful of my thoughts and actions
  • it meant recaps at the end of each day and if nothing big stood out, you notice the littlest things which, I'm starting to realize, are equally important (if not, more)
  • the Daykeeper is a planner that keeps you positive and encouraged
  • but although I've become somewhat more grateful towards life in general, I'm still wrapped in fear that all good things come to an end
just a little self reminder
I've been exercising consistently again and it keeps me centered. Knowing that I'm physically fit is an assuring thought and I'm grateful for what I'm able to do with my body. But there's this continuous cycle of swallowing bitter facts about our existence that we will all eventually die. Ugh. Whenever I find inner peace, dark truths enter, grabs a hold on me, and never lets go easily. 

It has done me some good, at least: I thirst for more in life; worries seem so mundane next to these realities. Some nights I close my eyes thinking how it's a miracle just surviving the day and I wake up the next morning amazed at how I'm breathing still.  

Yesterday, I went to see some friends in UST. The sun was easy on the skin at 2 that afternoon. I don't often find myself in that part of Manila but when I do, it always brings me back to my university days. Perhaps I'm internally pleased that I don't get to frequent the area because it holds so much good memories and if holding on to its warmth meant seeing it only once or twice a year then I'm glad to keep things that way.
I got off in Asturias like before and saw that although there were noticeable changes, it still felt like home. It hasn't changed that much over the years, just like myself, I realized. PJ and Kayle were no different. Sure, our hobbies and priorities have become different but aside from that, I find comfort in knowing that some things remain. We spent the afternoon eating and talking about the most random of things at Cafféra, a photography-themed cafe in Maginhawa, run by fellow Thomasians. It was a great night.

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