Sunday, January 18, 2015

Appreciate Today

I've been taking a lot of inspirations from different things I've discovered in the internet lately: fashion, music, and literature to name a few. There's this article I read the other day entitled Life Is A Picture, But You Live In A Pixel from this really interesting website called Wait But Why and it kind of put life into perspective for me. Somehow, I've known this all along but I had to go through a phase of a great discontent first to fully understand it. It's a great read, the comments even better, and this sort of reflects how I feel about it--in summary: 
Before, I always slip into this idea that I would feel more fulfilled if I did this or become that; everyone else seemed more interesting and everything else more inspiring. This digital age of information made it easy to look cool and want to be cool. We can highlight our best moments in perfectly filtered squares or in less than 140 characters. But what happens in between? What happens in our downtime? Even rock stars have normal days. 

I realized that it's not always good to obsess over how the 'bigger picture' would turn out. It's also up to how each stroke or detail is made. In life, we all get to have a blank canvas we can turn into a masterpiece. Whether or not it will become one is a result of the little things it is made up of; the efforts we put into it daily, during those ordinary days we think are unimportant. You look at the stars long enough, you forget to admire the flowers on your feet. 


I was assigned to this new project at my job late last year but I only got to work on it officially last Thursday. I'm still a beginner and not entirely confident with my skills yet and it's getting exhausting to always have to mentally prepare yourself on this new task, to be honest. But I did undergo training and it's a matter of putting everything I've learned about it to good use at this point. I am pleased to say that I enjoyed doing it for the first time this week! In retrospect, I'm thankful for these changes at work. 

I'm ending this post with two of my favorite track:
A Dream Of You And Me by Future Islands

Just Once by Shura

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