Monday, September 25, 2006


I was surfing the web when I thought of searching Emo (genre) and finding out more about it. I've been listening to this specific radio station that just doesn't fail to give me dosages of this good stuff. Failed to gain information about this one emo band which is currently no. 10 at Midnight Countdown and presently one of my faves, I decided to delve myself into the world of Emo itself.

After typing the three-letter word in search box, the first thing that came to view was a site that says something that probably most of you are thinking about since square one: what the heck is emo anyway?

Well for starters, it's a type of music. There have been loads of psychedelic genres spurting like hell nowadays like techno/house, trip-hop, funk jazz fusion or like ska, reggae, rock-steady which means actually the same thing and it's pretty hard to know which is which so let’s not get into that.

Anyhow, back to the topic, as I have said I went to that site and rose to the bait of another one that states 'how to dress emo' and to my surprise it actually had these ways and looks how to perfect that facade and get this: 'how to act emo'! WTF. I don't know about some people but for me, doesn't it look more charming when it comes naturally?

I mean, I really do find these angst-ridden dudes oh-so-adorable *blush* especially those indifferent and mysterious types, with that I-don’t'-give-a-shit-about-my-hair look.

Some people hate it, some people don't. We are all different. Others might think it's just a lame screeching, throat-stretching teenagers singing about their new zit or their freshly-served breakup or just plain noise. Others might take it beyond the music and made it as a lifestyle of some sort of fashion. I do hope that those people just don't take it seriously and change their whole personality into something that is opposite to what they exactly are.

But to conclude, I thought it was just interesting to know that certain people do want to have this 'angst-y' attitude. For example, I got this statement from a random site: 'Like meat? Well stop. Being a vegetarian or a vegan is one of the most important requirements of being emo.' err...

I personally like songs of that genre that have a rather deep, dark but meaningful lyrics. Something that will make you think through its creativity and subtly, somewhat emotive with soft melodic pines or hard driving crash. Kudos to those Pinoy emo bands!

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