Monday, December 05, 2005

Flunked Test, Boomerman, Circus Charlie And Rumor Mill

Exams came and's finally last! But I can't believe that my two most likely 'favorite' subjects could fall short. English and Computer were the last tests earlier but though I did much reading, memorizations and stuff like that, I couldn't muster to stuff it all in my head. Its like my body keep on saying "stop studying already!" and my brain totally not functioning. 100% hula ang ginawa ko sa Computer sa totoo lang ah. And honestly mahirap talagang manghula kahit di mo naman kelangan mag-isip. I understand most of what I read before the exam started but then it felt like I coudn't understand a thing when I was already answering. tsktsk. It would be a miracle if I wouldn't slip a notch on the achievers chart. And I feel like chanting for one. lol

After class we immediately went to April's house as usual, ate lunch there as susual, hang out till we want as usual, watch tv, play games and such. Chillin' out at April's is becoming to be a ritual everytime class were cut off. And its always fun because their house is so homey, there's lots of food to munch and we got the whole crib by ourselves. Playing boomerman is so addicting. Its a bad thing there weren't anything worth watching at the stupid tv at that time, so we were like kids who wants to grab the controller. I don't know exactly what happened next coz I doze off. ha!

Well after Randell went home, he said he'll leave at 3 but got out of the house at 4, we all got into the girl talks thingie. Never fails. Its just talking about this certain thing and the next thing you know you're gabbing about who's who and what not. And always be ready to expect them to know about something you swear they should not know about.

Even so, it's all good. Got home just minutes ago, almost got grounded but thanks heavens 'grounding' isn't that popular in this house. Not my parent's thing. Just always let them know where you are so they wouldnt bombard you with unlikely questions. And don't be too naughty! :-D

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