Thursday, January 01, 2015

Project Effervescence: The Beginning

The Daykeeper 2015
And so it has begun. Again.

(I actually had to save this entry as a draft and sleep on it.)

Writing about the 1st day of the year just feels weird. Maybe just slightly weirder than using a brand new planner for the first time or remembering to write 2015 now. In my case, I just want to stare at my Daykeeper and not ruin it with my bad handwriting and wrong grammar.

But alas, goals must written, life has to be planned out (a bit), and a challenge has presented itself! Let me introduce:
What: a blog entry
When: everyday for the rest of the year
Why: to write and make something out of ourselves and the things around us
Am I thrilled to do this? YES. Will I be able to see it through? Maybe. I don't blog as often as I want to anymore but I still have this obsession to document almost anything about my daily life as far as journal writing goes. I find pleasure in knowing that I don't waste time here on Earth. And nothing beats a classic pen-on-paper process of getting your thoughts and ideas figured out.

You've just got to make an effort to live each day (even just a little bit) better than you did before and be grateful, is all. More importantly, thank yourself. I've got lots of good memories in 2014, most of them I have yet to write. I'm working on it; I just don't want this blog to feel obligatory. I've got tons of those as it is.

January 1st was spent at home watching Korean reality shows with my sister. It rained all day! The weather left us too lazy to do anything else but eat. It was wonderful. But surprisingly, I've managed to get a decent workout tonight. Health and wellness is still on top of my priority this year. Followed by saving money and working hard, because only then will I achieve the next items on the list: travel, music, film, and arts. I am also keen on maintaining meaningful relationships and who knows, maybe I find myself a lovelife this year too. Onwards & upwards, 2015!

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