Monday, November 30, 2015

One long weekend in Calaguas

Living in the city can be exhausting. So even though I was halfhearted about this trip in the beginning, I found myself looking forward to it right after I packed my bags. Just go with the flow, my friend says. As it turned out, this has been the best thing I did this month. 

Sleeping during long bus rides and waking up to see the greenery of summer landscape the next day. Going to the local market to buy food. To sharing an out-of-body experience of riding the toughest waves to get to the island with my awesome friends. Cooking our lunch by ourselves; playing Frisbee at dusk; cooking dinner followed by skinny dipping under the full moon. 

We played Heads Up in our tents until midnight. We slept on wet makeshift beds because it got soaked by the sudden storm. By morning, every thing was back to normal. We made breakfast and spent the rest of the Sunday under the heat playing beach volley and swimming. Mind you, even though my phone got soaked in saltwater (all these photos were from my friends), I enjoyed every minute of this trip; this was a much needed time to get away from the city and breathe fresh air. 

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