Monday, April 04, 2016

April Climb: Mt. Manabu

Mhy, Pip, Shoti, Mhai, Pat, Jeca (photos grabbed from Pat)
Spent another weekend high up on a mountain with my friends. Being our third climb this year, we thought we'd be strong and well-prepared by now. But we were wrong; we underestimated the weather and ourselves. We didn't bring enough clothes, food, and tissue; things that we should always have in excess in every climb. Haha! What's great about it is, we learn new things from each other and from the climb itself each time. 

There are moments in every trip that will stick with you forever. Ours was laughing hard at Kung Fu Hustle on our bus ride to Batangas; the fresh buko juice; the Alamid coffee served to us by Tatay Tino; lying on the grass admiring the night sky full of stars; overlooking the city lights from our camp; the cold breeze the next morning as we watched the sunrise. It may always be tough in the beginning, but the process and the memories we all share makes it always worth it in the end. 

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